My name is Pontus AKA Zominator, born in 1995 and i’m from the south parts of Sweden. I was born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) and I have basically been playing games since my childhood. By starting early with games and such it made me interested in how to make my own games, so in highschool I studied design and product development and after that I got myself an Bachelor of Science in media technology.

My esports interest started around 2013 I think, with Starcraft 2 being aired by public service on TV. When CSGO then launched I started by playing “casual” gamemodes with friends, but started to really like the competitive aspect of the game around 2015. In 2019 I got the oppurtunity to join Permastunned Gaming and I felt that this community was perfect for me.

You maybe wonder how I’m used to play? Basically I play with my right hand on the mouse and my left hand is used on the arrow keys and the surrounding buttons, the keyboard itself is placed under my desk/mouse so I kinda have my arms in a X when playing for example CS. Here’s a pic for reference.

I occasionally stream on Twitch for my two viewers, usually I stream CSGO with the team or i’m playing something else like Escape from Tarkov or just taking it easy and see where the stream takes me.