I am Omar, 29 years old and love playing CSGO.

I have been deaf since birth, my right ear doesn’t work at all and my left ear functions for about 20%, I can’t hear any high tones so I won’t be able to know when someone is defusing the bomb 😋

I can read lips and I can talk well, mostly thanks to speech training from a young age. When it comes to communicating in games, it’s hard, but if I know what people are talking about and only hear one person at a time, it’s kind of ok-ish.

I learned about Permastunned Gaming from a reddit post and didn’t hesitate to contact them to become a part of the team, glad I did so, they’re a friendly group of people who play some pretty damn good CS.

If you want to contact me you can do so on steam or discord 🙂

Discord: Omar.Zev.3R#3096      

Steam: Steam link